What I’m Digging: January 20163 min read

With my restart on the blog (and with my newly updated About page), I’m going to share a bit about myself every so often— what hobbies I’m picking up, what articles I’ve been reading, what new recipes I’ve picked up. Sometimes all it takes is seeing what others are up to to inspire you to get up and do something fun. Don’t hold back the urge to get up off your couch, now.

Today’s post is a bit more visual; I’ve got some cool stuff to share with you!

My Picks - January 2016
Left to right, top to bottom: Darth Vader t-shirt, blueberry yogurt-covered pretzels, Chanel lipstick, Villager amiibo, my current crochet project.

Darth Vader t-shirt

Picked this up very recently at our local FYE store that’s closing soon. Buy 1 t-shirt, get 2 free– can’t really beat that deal. I actually didn’t care for the design of the shirt when I was looking at it in the store, but it’s since caught my appreciation after I realized the “anonymizing censor bar” concept they were going for.

Blueberry yogurt-covered pretzels

As we head down to Atlantic City more often for AnimeNEXT prep meetings, the Beef Jerky Outlet in Atlantic City is slowly becoming a regular destination. Funny enough, despite the name of the store, the two favorite things Dylan and I get from there aren’t jerky (toffee almond caramel popcorn and yogurt-covered pretzels).

Chanel rouge allure lipstick, No. 145 Rayonnante

I never really liked lipstick; my sisters and I would wear a bright red color when we’d perform at our dance school’s end-of-the-year show, and it felt and tasted icky. But you know, makeup’s been stepping up its game lately. After receiving this lipstick as a Christmas gift, I now believe in the magic of lipstick. For me, it’s just enough color to attract people’s attention to my R.B.F.

Villager / Murabito amiibo

Amiibos have a special soft spot in my heart. When this particular amiibo initially came out, the very limited production batch + intense demand for it = immediate stock depletion. I think they’ve since produced more, but once I spotted this pre-owned in the local Gamestop, I didn’t even hesitate to buy it. Luckily, if I wanted to use it for Super Smash, all amiibo are apparently region free so I wouldn’t run into any issues. But for me, it’s about the novelty of having this guy sitting out for display.

Crochet project: infinity scarf

I love scarves, and I adore the infinity scarves I have right now. So why not make another one for myself? I bought two large skeins (14 oz each!) of this forest green yarn from Michaels during a sale, thinking I’d make myself a poncho or something. Also, I’m using a the camel stitch for this project, which I’ve never used before. It’s looking pretty cool so far, and people liken its look for a knit stitch.

And that’s it for January! I can’t wait to see what February holds.

What are you guys digging this month? Let me know in your comments, or link to your own blog post if you’ve got one! 🙂

Stay cool,

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