Hi! I’m Connie.

I’ve been on the internet a long while (like, once upon Windows 3.1 ago).

I launched this blog in November 2014 as a collection of my personal anecdotes and attempts at creative writing. These days, it’s a hub for my online presence.

Thanks for being here, I guess.


You got questions? I got some answers.

Do you still stream on Twitch?

Short answer: no. As of late 2022, I decided to stop streaming because it was time. I wanted to free up my schedule for other personal projects.

Who is the person behind RampantAsian?

I’m Connie, a person made of flesh and bone. I am not a robot. I like to write, bake (and eat) bread, and play video games.

How did you come up with the name RampantAsian?

Honestly, I was a teenager who thought I was clever. It was just an arbitrary selection of [adjective][noun], yielding a unique enough name that no one had claimed on social media yet.

What do you do professionally?

For that cash money, I do growth marketing consulting and freelancing work (in other words, I work with clients). It’s cool. I get to work with a ton of interesting companies.

Can I hire you for marketing services?

Sure, if it’s a good fit. You can check out my professional site at conniengo.com for more details.

Cool story, bro. What about collabs?

I don’t collab on the first date. Let’s get to know each other first so we can figure out if working together is a good fit. As they say in marketing and sales, “nurture me”. You can also try to cold email me at partnerships@rampantasian.com but no promises I'll respond.